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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  November 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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headache an a living on brew toes, no way did a taco bell manager think held with be strulging to survive. >> now we know the name of the other woman who blew the lid of the affair of the cia director. >> it's around this time and then two hours that follow that you always think about getting a taco bell. >> the manager of the graveyard shift was shot last night. . >> tonight we are hearing the manager tried to get two men off the parking lot before they shot him. people who work nearby believe it was a random act but plus are not saying what led to the shooting. >> the emotions of komging to see where your friend chs shot. the the victim's best friend was was not ready to put those
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feelings into wortds. howard county police say the late night manager was outside just before 1:00 sunday morning. there were two men in the parking lot who came up to him and for some reason started shoot sglg here the guy is doing his job, it's what he's supposed to do. >> the police aren't naming the victim but he was able to o make it back boo the restaurant and two employees called nine one one. the late night drive through, became a crime scene. >> people from other areas come in to columbia to, you know, commit crimes because they think people aren't as suspecting. >> police have no motive and no suspects. business owns in the shopping center across the street are considering their next move. >> i'll probably will have to put in a security system, and
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higher people to do it for extra protection we checked in with police a short time ago, the manager remains in critical condition, the suspects are still on the loose. >> people are still talking about seeing this accident yesterday, suzanne sell by was killed when a deer e ran into her forcing her into a light pole. she died at the scene. it's a tragic accident that could happen to any of us. . >> and a brawl at a flea market. the fight started around 1:00 today between two groups of people at the north point flea market. two people are in kus ki today the cia director resigned. >> he said he had an
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extramarital affair and we are learning more about those involved sglont still no word from joan kelly. she's the one woman that set off a chain reaction that set off ended in the resiz neigh. they say she was never romantically involved with the man or but was a family friend of him and his wife. received a not just to her but to the cia. >> the initial complaint was harassment that possibly could have gone to e-mail hacking but there was no substitutive investigation that this had anything to did with with national security. >> instead the disturbing e- mail was traced back to his biographer paula broadwell and
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that led back to e-mails relating an intimate relationship. >> she's very physically capable. >> he is claiming that the affair did not occur in afghanistan but began after he retired from the military in august 2011. it was a later he became a cia director. they say the affair ended four months ago. friends suspect he and his wife to survive this. larry jacobs, abc news, new york. >> six veterans were laid to rest today after serving their country even after they died. they donated their body to the state medical board. the ceremony was held in pieks vil. >> a piece of history waving
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proudly, the domino sugar has restored the giant american flag. the pole was knocked down in a storm, 25 years ago. itwas first raised when domino sugar opened up. >> the and president obama paid tribute to the veterans at the arlington national cemetery. obama placed praised the sacrificed of the american men and women. >> we saw a fly over by military game planes today at the game. and we'd like you to go to our facebook page and give us your thoughts of your family o who has served our nation so proudly. >> how great was today?
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we're with talking tempts in the 60s. 66 at bwi. 70 easton. take a look at the temperatures now, falling into the 40s, close to 50. and still holding on to 54 in the east and temperatures will be mild again tomorrow. we'll see some changes in the next 24 to 36 hours. maybe a little fog by midnight. waking up to cool conditions, though sunny at 46. 58 at lunchtime goes into the 60s. we'll talk more about this big cool down if a little bit. we'll talk about the upcoming winter. i do put out 90 day forecasts. i feel pretty confident on sharing my forecast with you in regards to the upcoming winter season. now these are still the toughest forecasts to make and
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with the freeshish -- freakish nature of the last three wint withers it's not any easier. . >> talk about extremes, this past summer was the 13th hottest summer on record. in july we hit 104 degrees twice. the heat index approached 120 degrees in july. >> the sxheet humidity brought 7 rounds of severe weather throughout the state. we had superstorm sandy, the strongest storm ever to make it north of north carolina. >> could these be the precursor to an extreme winter ahead. let's look to the past and the warmth of 2011. >> december started the warmth, not one day in december
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did we go below 41. by march the temperature were over ten degrees above average. we were considered a snow drought city last year as we recorded a pathetic 1.823467 inches of snow -- 1.8 inches of snow. the snow of 2011 was one of the most severe winters on weather recording 77.7 inches of snow. so the $64 thousand question is where do we go next? there's a lot that goes scomboo the out look. there's only one true indicator that can begs judge how this upcoming winter will be. >> the most significant weather pattern that afblths the weather is over the pacific.
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i spoke with my colleague at the national weather service aasht the pacific. >> at this point, kind of the odds favor us to not be dealing with either el naen know or al neen i can't this winter. . >> with second big withest factor is the nal. last year we witnessed a positive phase which kept the jet stream to the west of maryland. this brought in warm temperatures. however, this year, starting to look a little dramatic warming south of greenland is indicating blocking could impact this winter. warming in the water there promotes a negative nal. this type of set up would feature a stormier set up. so here's what the signals now tell me, january will be the
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coldest month this winter averaging five degrees below normal, a slight warm up in february, however the entire winter as a whole will be colder than normal. december will have a little snow but the most will come in january with a few surprises in february. my projection for this winter, 24.5 24.5 inches total of snow. >> wait a minute. >> i like pathetic, he said last year was pathetic it was a snow drau drought. not 77 ns like 2010, and 2009, but there's indication that the least amount we'll get is 12 inches and the most is 40 so i took middle ground. >> i don't like the 90. i thought it was a great report up the the last one.
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>> when is the early ys we could see? >> maybe thanksgiving week. . >> thanks for that report. >> thank you michael. >> we have not seen a beating this bat bad in baltimore since we beat the british, the ravens set a record for scoring 55 points, and they score td's on passes by flacco. one in a kickoff as the ravens beat oakland 55-had 20. -- 55-20. >> the ravens are now 7 and 2, this is pittsburgh week, do not question whether we with ran the ball enough, didn't do this, just let the fans enjoy a 55 to 20 victory.
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>> all right, coming up next we're going to take you to indianapolis where part of that area blew up last night. >> and this neighborhood walked around stunned. >> and those who made a sacrifice to keep us safe will be remembered tomorrow. >> and country super star lee an riems sing her hit song. we'll be back in 60 i did -- guitar licks
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. >> an explosion shattered a neighborhood in the middle of the night. >> witnesses say you could hear screams. . >> families huddled outside. . >> this gaping hole is all
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that's left. charred foundations, burnt out roofs surrounded by pieces of homes everywhere. an explosion so intense, two people are now dead and eight others injured. >> windows blown in, houses level ted. >> late last night this community was rocked from their beds when a blast exploded two homes nearly 200 people were forced to quickly flee into the street, many wearing pajamas. a scene so desperate neighbors are rushed to help. >> i just heard them screaming and knew they had to get out or they wouldn't make it so me and andrew ran in and pulled them out. >> investigators are looking for clues. >> so far the survey has indicated there are no gas leaks in the area, however we
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have a lot more investigation to do. >> and now maryland 's most accurate forecast. >> let's talk today, up north, sunshine today, warm in the low 60s for many locations. in the south, here's the robert e coleman shot and here's a shot of kent islands, beautiful sunset over the bay bridge out towards the east of that. tloez the 10:00 numbers. we may see a little fog for the overnight, calm wind now but that's going to to southerly direction and that's going usher in another warm afternoon. around 79 deglees easton. and to give you an idea what that 66 does with the record
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book, it is above average, 58 is the normal, 78 was the record. temperatures across town, 48, 43 up towards frederick. but that temperature will come down into the upper 40s to 50 for the overnight lows. we'll call it a mild evening. 48 degrees after midnight, 46 to wake up but the clouds will come in at the lunchtime hour but it's a warm 64 degrees. look at the radar satellite picture. clouds are trying to mix it in. this cold front the west has been producing flash freezing conditions out in near northern illinois. this is going to deliver much koltder air as we go. in fact this is timed out 22 hours due west of us. we're going to see rain in less than 24 hours. temperatures, this is
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impressive, 19 in peeier, 28 in kansas, their plague a football game. look at memphis, still at 64 degrees. this is a sharp contrast and that's what is on its way to our area. tomorrow, southerly wind withs bringing in mieldz temperatures, watch the jet stream come into baltimore and delivers this shot of cool airment we're going to show that in the seven-day forecast going into the week and weekend. future trend, clouds tomorrow afternoon, rain chances will hold off until after midnight. there may be some rain monday night into tuesday. everything pushes out by tuesday afternoon and then mostly cloudy skies ander terms. temperatures to the north and west for tomorrow, 63 in north
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minister. temperature wills be between 66 and 6 and eastern shore numbers not bad, between 63 to 65. tomorrow afternoon, two degree guarantee 64 in town, a few spots could pop over 66 degrees. really, you're going do do this, let me pull up that seven- day forecast. -- we'll find it we'll have to show it to you in a minute bit but there's the hour by hour forecast. seven-day forecast in just a few minutes i think the snow you showed earlier jacked up your machine. >> that's right there you go. >> let's play some music now.
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[music] . >> sing it kelly. >> she's doing good nothing blue about having lee ann rimes in baltimore, she sang the hit that put the music on the radio when she was just 13. she was there for the second annual girls with guitars event. about a thousand people came out and raised over $2,500 for the bright p fight against breast cancer. . >> raising money for a great cause. the streetsover baltimore were filled with corvettes donating food. >> they were donating to a foundation found after a woman known as the mother teresa in our area. >> the no parking signs are up, the streets are all blocked off and the hot dogs they are
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getting nice and hot. what are they all waiting for? it's this, over one hundred fifty corvettes and other high performance cars participating in the corvette club's b gaddi can drive. >> we try to give can goods and other items to the center. if it's not jugs canned goods but it's turkeys, grocery items and everyone personal items and we're able to transfer these the corvette and bring them to the center it shows that people think about others as well as themselves and they want to help everybody and this is a community led dinner and it's organizations like this that come out to help us help others and that's what it's
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about, helping others and it doesn't thourt have a little fun in the process pete o'neal for abc two news. >> looks like a good time. >> tomorrow, we're going to remember our families who left us to protect sglus and we have two nice stories to tell you about from a grown up man to a little boy waiting for his dad to sglurn and it took a while but find out how shelby fiejly has a headstone
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nally has a headstone . >> on this veteran's day we have two tributes glynn a veteran and one from a little boy. this army veteran was running a marathon for the past ten weeks. he start tdz in minnesota and ended in texas. pe passed through nine states and at every stop he left planted a small american flag each inscribed with the name age and rarng of a fallen soldier in afghanistan. then there is gabe ellis, she honoring his father serving in afghanistan. >> i'm so proud of him. he is my hero next to jesus. . >> those homecoming stories, i
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love those. here in baltimore we with alleges remember those who serve. dozens gathsed for the veteran's e lum nation. the name was to men and women from eastern baltimore country from every war from world war one to the present are enshrined. and today boy scouts put out more than 600 candles, the red for those killed in action and the white for those who served honor bli this is a day we try to keech our children and the future generations about the sacrifices that have been paid for their freedom and this is a way for them to tell families we honor those sacrifices.
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>> after almost 830 years lying in an unmarked grave, baltimore. he laid in an unmarked grave next to his mom until a detroit musician decided to do something about it so he led a campaign and raised over $3 ,000 to buy headstones for chub biand his -- chubby and his mom. >> y realize he was from here. >> yeah, little rascals. >> i think they're all gron now. >> i did promise a seven-day, my apologies. 64 tomorrow, it's going to be mild and sunny, and then we're going get this cold front that comes through tuesday, drops our temperatures down.
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. >>
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